It’s Real training. Real results.™ —

Whether you are a competitive athlete, a newcomer to athletic training, or recovering from an injury (or other reason) requiring one-on-one therapeutic conditioning, our goal is to empower people to achieve their goals through movement and nutrition. We assess then build on ones stability, mobility, strength, and endurance –the components for building a strong and solid body.


A Manhasset resident brought Manhasset Fitness Center to being a facility that raises the bar in fitness in a different atmosphere. MFC is a private gym facility.


Every inch of our space is designed to work for you and help you get into the best shape. From functional battle ropes, weights, and resistance bands to our state-of-the-art Multi-Purpose Jungle Gym and Olympic lifting platforms.


Clients have the option of training one-on-one in a private or semi private session with one of our Certified Trainers. We expertly design our training plans and classes for each individual.

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